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Free consultations over the phone as well as meet-n-greets! Your pet(s) will be given the most high quality care in the valley that is guaranteed to pamper them while you are away. I have been working for around 4 years on how to help behaviorally challenged animals that have gone through traumatic experiences. I have also spent that time volunteering with all types of animals, as well as becoming familiar with incredible costumer service with owners as well as the pets. Special instructions are welcome, as well as tasks like checking the mailbox, taking out the trash, and more depending on the time of the stay. If you would like to ensure the safety of the home or have nervous animals when left alone, overnight stays are available on a first come first serve basis. A meet-n-greet is required for either check-ins or overnight stays to ensure the clients and pet(s) are all on board. 


* 1 check-in/day: $20

* 2 check-ins/day: $25

* Overnight Stay: $40/night  

TO CONTACT: Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me by email or over the phone any time. I do work as a full-time student, so please understand if I have to return your call at a later time. If you would like an immediate response, please text me at the number listed above.

Dog Speak Training is proud to announce the expansion of our family!  Amber Stewart has been an intern with Dog Speak Training for 4 years and this year became our first employee, joining us as a pet care specialist and account manager.  Amber's primary job will be to service the clientele in the valley that require house sitting, cat, bird, reptile and exotic animals, in addition to daily check-ins and dog walking in the south central area. 

Amber is a student at ASU's W.P Carey School of Business and a part of the Barrett Honor's College on two scholarship awards.  She is studying marketing and entrepreneurship with the goal of graduating with a full startup of her own. 

Amber started with me while watching my own pets while I left for vacation and since that time has worked for me consistently.  I highly recommend her not only for her ability with animals but for her ability to think independently and her responsible nature.  See below for more about Amber and how to contact her. 

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